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Looking Good

As you can see, In Your Corner got a makeover this week!  The other blog platform had always been intended as a temporary solution, so I’m excited to offer something a little more dynamic and organized.

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Now to the fun stuff: your Weekend Challenge!

National Day of Service

No matter whether you regularly volunteer or just admire those who do, I think we can all agree on the benefits of volunteering and helping others in need.  In fact, as one of the most popular New Year’s Resolutions people make, we often feel we do not give back as much as we should.  Volunteering as a family is also a great way to get in some quality time together while teaching your children about the act and value of service.

If you have ever bemoaned your child’s sense of entitlement or lack of appreciation for what they have, this is definitely an opportunity you should jump on.  Children may seem entitled or unappreciative because they lack the perspective or world view we have access to as adults: the way they live is the only way people live.  By volunteering with those less fortunate or with needs other than your own, you allow your children a new perspective and picture of the world that, along with follow-up conversations and experiences over time, helps to foster a sense of appreciation and gratitude for their blessings.  Additionally, volunteering has been shown to help support self-esteem, as children are able to be effective contributors in a way that really impacts and benefits others.  But even if you have to drag your kid along kicking and screaming, they’ll still fare better than children who don’t go at all.

The psychological benefits of volunteering are just as strong for adults, improving self-esteem, happiness, feelings of social connectedness, health, and longevity.  And the more you volunteer, the greater the impact.  It’s like a multi-vitamin for the whole family!

The 2013 Inauguration and MLK Day National Days of Service make it even easier to get involved and start giving back, offering volunteer opportunities throughout the entire holiday weekend.  Just click here and enter your zip code to find a list of events and opportunities happening near you.

Good for others.  Good for you.  Get out there and serve!