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It’s cold outside!

Or, at least it is here.  The weather man continues to assure me that it’s cold outside everywhere, but I cannot be everywhere, so I’ll have to take his word for it.

Cuddle on CouchUnless you’re a little snow angel that just loves the cold, I imagine you (like me) will be avoiding the outdoors as much as possible this weekend and staying bundled up in side.  Cuddling is fun, and Apple TV makes it easy.

At least for Friday night.  By mid-morning Saturday I imagine you and/or your spouse and/or your kids will be less enthusiastic about the 12th straight hour on the couch and in desperate need of some personal space.  Not to mention all that energy your little ones have built up and are now taking out on each other.  Cabin fever is setting in.

bundled up

It’s almost enough to propel you outdoors.  But since the weather man keeps warning of frostbite after just 10 minutes outside and layering and unlayering is a chore, it’s not ideal.

Instead of facing the freeze, check out some of these fun ways to beat cabin fever without ever taking off your slippers:

1. Have your children write, direct, and star in their own original play.  Get creative with props and costumes by using what you have on hand at home.  Parents can be in charge of setting the stage area and arranging the stuffed animal audience.

2. Puzzles!  I love puzzles.  I sit down to a puzzle and 3 hours later I’ve missed lunch while hunting for all of the edge pieces.  Kids love puzzles, too.  They’re much more interactive and mentally stimulating than TV, and it’s something all family members can work on together.

3. Make some musical instruments and start your family band’s tour right in your living room.  Set up a video recorder for playback after dinner.

4. Knock out those Valentine’s now.  Gather craft supplies galore and go nuts making cards of love for friends, family, the mail man, and anyone else you can think of.

5. Race through an obstacle course.  Move anything fragile or breakable out of the way and set up an obstacle course through the house.  Cushions, chairs, and stacked books make easy obstacles.  For an extra challenge, have the course racer blindfolded while the family directs him through the course.

6. Create your own academic decathlon!  It’s a great way to sneak in some learning while engaging the whole family.  Use your best game show host voice and let the games begin!

7. Get creative in the kitchen.  Help your kids design original recipes and test them in your “Official Test Kitchen.”  Siblings can trade off as Sous Chef while Mom and Dad taste test (and assist as needed) the culinary creations.

Here are three more great ideas from MomLife Today:

8. January 26th is Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day. Who doesn’t love popping Bubble Wrap? If you don’t have any laying around at home, you can buy it at the superstore or post office for cheap entertainment.

9. Write a letter to or call someone you have not been in touch with for awhile. Let them know what you miss about them or share a precious memory.

10. Watch old family movies or look through photo albums together.

How will you beat cabin fever while staying warm this weekend?