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In Your Corner has been buzzing with activity, and I’m so glad you all are enjoying this platform as much as I am.  Keep all the “likes,” shares, comments, and feedback coming!

To catch you up:

Last week we talked about the importance of celebrating Valentine’s Day, as its perks are undeniably as sweet as the chocolate fix that also accompanies this holiday. We also touched upon the extreme efficacy (75%!) of couples coaching and learning new skills for the success of your relationship and marriage over the long term.  And, a couple weeks ago we identified increased self-awareness and skills training (there’s that word again) as two keys to preventing divorce down the road (or secure a happy second marriage).  There was also the bad news/good news: if you do nothing differently, you will fight with your spouse just as much this year as you did last year.  And, if what you’re fighting about is chores, you’re likely having less sex.

The brain works in mysterious ways, they say, and it appears mine was threading together these blog posts to set me up for the perfect punchline without me even realizing (though I wish I could take credit for being that clever).  But today it clicked that it all ties up together so nicely, so I just couldn’t resist (and neither should you!).

Why not gift an experience this Valentine’s Day that keeps on giving, long after the roses would have wilted?  Why not “experience” each other in a new, more positive way?  Give the gift of Couples Coaching.  We hire personal trainers to get in shape, we hire nutritionists to get healthy, and we hire financial consultants to budget our future.  Why not invest in a trainer for your marriage and your life together?

If you’re riddling off a number of excuses, like “we don’t need this yet,” or “it’s not the right time,” or “we can’t afford it right now,” you’re wrong (sorry!).  It’s always the right time, and the returns are exponential.  We know it will save you money over the long term; even if you’re on a tight budget, couples coaching can be made affordable for everyone.  And right now, it’s even more budget friendly because your initial assessment session, including an individualized evaluation of your relationship (valued over $250!), is free.

I’ve mentioned before that couples typically seek support services 18 months after those services would have likely had the greatest impact and benefit, which lets us know that we’re not terribly accurate when it comes to predicting exactly when we need help.  (Just like we don’t often notice the need for a “Holiday Leftovers” intervention until we notice we need bigger jeans).  Accessing support and enhancing your strengths and skills as a couple before you really need it is the best way to help you when it comes time to actually need it.

Sometimes we just can’t see the signs until significant damage has been done, but by then, we may have reached the point of no return.  Starting when you’re in a good place means you can invest all of your energy and (less) time enhancing and building upon your strengths.  And if a few dings or scratches are beginning to show, get in now to start the repair and healing that will lead to a renewed and stronger marriage.

It’s my unyielding resolution to make 2013 the best year ever for your marriage or your family with skills and tools that will strengthen it for years to come.  So keep the babysitter, cancel the dinner reservation, and meet me at my office instead.

Really looking forward to that tiramisu?  Grab it to-go and bring it along for the most beneficial date night yet.


I won’t mind.

If you’re not local and the Skype/Web Chat option isn’t your thing (many couples love the convenience of not having to leave their home), I encourage you still to reach out and find someone with whom you are comfortable to help enhance your relationship.  Whether you’ve got the greatest marriage in the world and want to keep it that way, or you haven’t been able to find that loving feeling in a long time, make the effort for your partner, your family, and your future.