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Humor is essential to surviving day-to-day parenthood, particularly as another long, hard, why-did-I-ever-decide-to-have-kids day comes to a close and you approach bedtime.

Bedtime is a notoriously stressful time in many households.  Lots of tired people, both big and little, just hanging on to (or letting go of) the last threads of sanity.  Story time, bath time, teeth brush time, pj time – all potential routines for cute, endearing moments with your child, or scary, unrelenting moments of resistance and tantrums.

And that’s just getting them into the bed.

Once they’re tucked in, we may summon any and all good karma earned throughout the day just to will them fast to sleep.  But again, it’s usually a toss up, and we’re left to “wait and see.”

kid playing in bed

Sometimes, though, the wait is worth it, and we’re allowed first row seats to some pretty adorable or downright funny bedtime behavior.  Some little ones tell stories to the darkened bedroom, have lively conversations with their stuffed animals, or practice for their eventual opera debut.  ModernHouseDad can relate, and takes a great approach, maximizing on the humor of bedtime with some great cartoons to capture these moments (which ultimately inspired this post!).

Even if your little entertainer doesn’t come out at bedtime, savoring these spontaneous, sometimes rare moments of child-provided humor throughout the day, whenever they are, can be just what we need to refresh our energy and willingness to get up tomorrow and do it All. Over. Again.  So put the laundry off for a few minutes more and take advantage of the show.

(Does your little one have an entertaining bedtime performance?  Submit it in a comment to ModernHouseDad and he’ll follow up with an equally entertaining cartoon.)