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While Valentine’s Day is often toted as a candy- and card-company crafted holiday, the day after Valentine’s Day offers another business boom.  Apparently once the chocolates have been picked through, the fancy dinner leftovers have been reheated, and the dozen red roses have begun to wilt, AshleyMadison.com begins to buzz.

For those of you that are not familiar, AshleyMadison.com is online dating site for married people looking to cheat.

Woman Using Laptop“The day after Valentine’s Day is one of our biggest days of the year,” says Biderman, founder and CEO of Ashley Madison.  “People are disappointed by their spouses’ lack of effort, and they feel especially undervalued when there is a societal expectation of romance. Certain days of the year act as litmus tests for many people in relationships.”

young-man-using-laptop-computer-at-homeRight behind the day after Valentine’s Day, the site’s second busiest day for extramarital affair seeking is the day after Mother’s Day.  Followed closely by all other post-holiday days, apparently being with the ones we love makes some of us long to be with someone else.

The least faithful cities in America?  For 2 years running, Washington DC has ranked number one.  According to the site, DC boasts the most sign-ups per capita in 2012.  The runners-up? Austin, TX comes in at the second least faithful city, and Houston, TX is number three.

While troublesome to think about, we need not fear an epidemic of extramarital affairs.  Research shows that rates of infidelity remain fairly stable and low, around 19% for men and 14% for women (which means 81% of married men and 86% of married women remain faithful).  And before you start googling Biderman’s address to track him down and give him a good talking-to about ruining marriages, understand this: People are going to cheat regardless of whether or not sites like Ashley Madison exist.  The issue here isn’t that the “options” on these sites are more beautiful or interesting or better in bed, driving people to infidelity.  It’s that those using the site are seeking these “options” because they give them things they’re not getting at home, primarily attention.

People aren’t taking care of their marriages.