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Don’t let this blog post confuse you; I’m not blogging today.

In case you’re just tuning in, today is The-Day-After-Valentine’s-Day Eve, otherwise known as Valentine’s Day.  And while my borderline incessant commitment to the topic may have you thinking that I have stock in Hallmark and Russell Stover’s, I assure you, this is not the case.

I don’t really care if you honor Valentine’s Day or not.

“But you’ve spent the past two weeks orating about how it’s good for our health and how if we don’t AshleyMadison.com is going to take over the world with aninfidelityepidemic!”

Ok, yes, we spent some time looking at the health benefits of Valentine’s Day, and we discovered the role it can play in infidelity, this isn’t really about “Valentine’s Day,” with all the hearts and the flowers and the candy and the chocolates and overpacked restaurants and overpriced dinner.

All this has really been about considering the “reason for the season,” the intent behind the romantic gestures.  Valentine’s Day merely offers the perfect reminder and opportunity to express love to those we care about, treasure, and value.

While, yes, it would be ideal for us to treat “everyday like it’s Valentine’s Day” and shower our spouses and children with love and appreciation, we often miss the mark.  Life is hard! Our to-do lists are too long.  And while running errands for the family is one excellent way of expressing your love and support, it doesn’t always read that way.  Today is really about renewing a conscious commitment to taking care of our relationships and expressing love to those you love in ways they best receive it.

And so, because I’m a big believer in practicing what I preach, this is why I am not blogging today.  Really, I’m not.  Instead, I’m focusing my attention and energy on intentional expressions of love and appreciation in my own life.  These expressions may or may not be packaged in a heart shape or covered in red and pink, but they are nonetheless inspired by the day, and, yes, ultimately good for my health ;).