A new study out yesterday reaffirms what we talked about when I wasn’t blogging.

It’s not really about the cards, candy, and flowers of Valentine’s Day.

New research out of Open University finds that, when it comes to keeping the love alive, romantic gestures aren’t the ticket.  According to the 4,000-plus UK adults that took part in the Enduring Love online study, relationships are maintained and protected by small acts of kindness and thoughtful gestures, like taking out the trash, bringing a cup of coffee to someone in bed, and telling someone they look good naked.

Simply saying “thank you” was prized most highly.

This weekend, your challenge is to do just that. Say “thank you,” and do one thoughtful or kind act for your spouse and/or children this weekend.  Remember the “reason for the season.”  Be intentional about showing those you love that you love them in the ways they best receive it.