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I love research. I love conducting it, reading about it, and remarking on it.

toddler readingResearch is notoriously messy. How long have we been debating the carbs, no carbs, smart carbs, fat, low-fat, no fat thing? Behavioral and mental health research is no exception. It is full of complexities, caveats, and asterisks noting countless exceptions to the rules. It is forever changing, often contradictory, and reliably unpredictable.

Essentially, it’s just like a three-year-old.

Research findings (and the eventual commentary, like that found in this blog) are accompanied by an unwritten “to be continued…” For many, this is (understandably) tirelessly confusing and frustrating.

I love it.

And, I imagine my love (and tolerance) of it contributes significantly to why I am good (or at least good enough) at what I do. For those of you who are less amused, I am happy (and eager) to wade through the mess of it all to find the answers and guidance best suited for you, and ultimately present it in a much more concise and easier to digest (and practically implement) package. I love my job.

Why am I babbling on about my nerdy love of psych research? Because I believe in a certain level of transparency and realistic, clarified expectations. Within this blog platform (and my work with clients and conversations with strangers), I will ultimately (perhaps even tomorrow ;)) remark on something that may seem confusing or contradictory to something we have previously discussed.

And while my following-up on the perpetual “to be continued” nature of research is intended to provide you with more information and understanding, without fair warning, it may just feel like whiplash.

Whiplash seems like a pretty significant injury to incur just for browsing the interweb.

So consider yourself fairly warned! Just imagine a giant asterisk at the end of every blog post (because a literal giant asterisk seems a bit excessive). I want to provide the most comprehensive information possible, but in my efforts to be equally concise (I know you’re busy), any and all caveats and contradictions for one topic will likely be spread among many posts. If things ever get too confusing, complex, or whiplash-y, let me know! I am always happy (and eager) to clarify.