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With just a couples months of blogging under my belt, I can hardly say that I’ve got this whole thing “down,” but I am very much enjoying this platform and the opportunity it offers to connect with you, my tech-savvy, knowledge-driven readers, nation- and worldwide.

Thankfully, it sounds like you are enjoying it as well.  Which is really the whole point.  I am honored to be granted some of your limited free time each week, and I am grateful for your kind, inquisitive, and thoughtful feedback.  Thank you for your readership.

I also want to recognize and give a special thank you to two recently vocal readers.  First, a big thank you and high-five to Cristina Cole at Stay Sane Mommies for including In Your Corner in a recent Ten Terrific Blogs Round-Up.  Cristina offered,

I feel a little less crazy when I read her posts. She offers a lot of great advice for marriage and parenting. And her writing style is light and easy to read. I never feel like I’m reading a how-to article. It’s more like getting great advice from a close friend.

And I didn’t even ask her to say that!

I was so honored to receive her endorsement and be included among the nine other great blogs.  Cristina is cool.

An equally big thank you goes to Holly at hollytabitha for nominating me for a Liebster Blog Award!  (Yay! Wait, a what?)  Upon receiving her nomination, I was curious as to just what, exactly, the Liebster Blog Award is (you know, just in case I was asked to deliver an acceptance speech or something).


As it turns out, while no speech is required, I did learn a few things.  The origin of the Liebster Blog Award is unclear, though it is widely accepted that it originated in Germany (or by someone with an affinity for the German language), as “Liebster” is a German word meaning “darling” or “beloved.”  One blogger managed to trace it back to a 2010 German blog post, but even a loose Google Chrome translation of said post makes it clear this wasn’t it’s birthplace.

So what is this mystery award?

There are no judges, no special rules, and no website with an official team of German blog experts to congratulate you and post your acceptance speech.  There are a few general guidelines, but even these directives are unclear and appear to have evolved over the years.  The award is intended for “up and coming” bloggers with anywhere from 3,000 or fewer readers (older rule) to 200 or fewer readers (newer rule).

If you receive the award, you are supposed to 1) Accept it by posting the award to your blog and thanking the person who nominated you; 2) Answer the 11 questions posed by your nominator in your post (this is a fairly new directive and not a part of the “original” guidelines); 3) Pass it along by nominating 3-5 bloggers (old rule) or 11 bloggers (new rule) of your own and letting them know you nominated them; and 4) Create 11 questions for your nominees to answer (again, fairly new rule).  It’s that easy?

The real “gist” of the Liebster Blog Award is that there is no real award.  It’s just a way for bloggers to give props to other bloggers; like a chain mail high-five with a fun German name.  Seeing that I like high-fives and also have a fun German name, I’m game.

Holly’s Questions for Me (and My Answers):

  1. How many books do you read each year? This varies year by year; roughly anywhere from 6 to 15.
  2. What is your favorite card game? Gin Rummy!
  3. Are you a spender or a saver? Saver. Usually.
  4. If your life was a song, what would the title be? “How Can A Whole Life Fit Into A Song?”
  5. What’s your favorite tv show of all time and why? Friends. I think it is one of the most well written shows ever, and the story lines were always so relatable, so human, and so funny; I think it’s important to be able to laugh at ourselves.
  6. What game show would you like to go on and why? Supermarket Sweep! I am a notoriously speedy grocery shopper
  7. What was your favorite game to play as a child? My sister and I loved to play “school,” fighting over who would get to be the teacher each time. We would even (embarrassingly) spend our allowance at the teacher supply store to stock our “classroom.” 
  8. Have you ever been on tv? When I lived in LA, there were a few times I went out for a run and would stumble past/through a camera shot.  I was never stopped to sign a waiver, so I imagine if any of the footage ever aired I was just a blurry figure (totally counts though). 
  9. Have you ever written (or started to write) a book? Started(?). Does buying the “How to Write a Book” book count?
  10. What type of food do you make or eat most often? I love a good, creamy risotto, and the slow, methodical cooking method after a long day is relaxing for me.
  11. Do you know how to snow ski? Not well.

My Nominees (yes, there are 12. “No rules,” remember?):

  1. Stay Sane Mommies
  2. Get Your Kid to Sleep
  3. My Life, Loving And Raising A Child With Mental Illness
  4. Some Species Eat Their Young
  5. You’ve Been Hooked!
  6. Weather Mommy
  7. Love Good Blog
  8. Mommy Go Lightly
  9. Field Notes From Fatherhood
  10. Science of Mom
  11. Nashville Moms
  12. Account Exec Turned Mommy

Questions for My Liebster Nominees:

  1. What is one thing you are better at than anyone else in your family?
  2. Ketchup or mustard?
  3. What did you get into trouble for the most when you were young
  4. If you were a radio dj, what type/genre of music would you play?
  5. What would be the name of your radio show (i.e. Saxophones at Sunrise with Sarah (dibs!))?
  6. If you were limited to imparting only one piece of wisdom to your children, but it was guaranteed to stick, what would you choose to teach them?
  7. Does size matter?
  8. What is your least favorite things about being a parent?
  9. What is your love language?
  10. What would be a really good flavor for toothpaste?
  11. If you could shop for free at one store which one would you choose?