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eharmonyI busted out my old eHarmony mug from my days doing marriage research for the dating website in honor of some exciting updates regarding this award-winning blog that you’ve come to know and love (or at least like on occasion).

eHarmony Action

In case you don’t have a TV, or are strategic enough with your DVR to never have to watch anything live, and haven’t seen their hard-to-ignore commercials (Ingrid Michaelson rocks), eHarmony is an online dating site intent on matching singles based on their compatibility. And this makes sense, in theory; I think most of us would agree that being compatibile with your partner is important. The awesome thing about eHarmony is that it actually matches people based on their compatibility with each other, as the matching system was originally developed from relationship compatibility and marital satisfaction research. The initial research, conducted by Dr. Neil Clark Warren and his team, looked at what, exactly, a “successful” marriage looked like. What was it about these individuals and their relationships that set them up to succeed? Their findings ultimately developed the matching system and eHarmony platform, and research teams have since conducted ongoing research to further understand what successful, long-term relationships look like.

The other awesome thing about eHarmony? Yours truly used to do some of that ongoing research. And with my alumni status, I am excited for the new opportunity to contribute to eHarmony’s web presence as a recurring guest blogger at eHarmony Advice.

Blogging Co-op

To add to my excitement to be back in the love labs over at eHarmony (at least online), I’m also looking forward to the opportunity to be a part of a recently developed “parenting and stuff” blogging cooperative. This new platform will explore the many different aspects of parenting and family life from many different perspectives. As one of many contributors, including parents, teachers, and counselors, I will be offering a mental health perspective, including its impact on and interplay with parenting and family life. A big “thank you!” and high-five goes out to its original think-tanker, (struggling ;)) web designer, and host of Parenting and Stuff for introducing the idea and bringing it all together for the rest of the interweb to enjoy.

Once we’re “live” and presentable, I’ll (very excitedly) share the link with you all.

But what about this blog?

Don’t you worry; In Your Corner isn’t going anywhere. Well, it’s going a couple places, but it’s not going away. I will still be offering tips, tricks, and talking points on a daily basis. It’s just that now, on some days they will be offered on other platforms and sites in an effort to reach even more people looking for a little support and guidance. No matter where I’m writing, I will always give you a snapshot of it and direct you to it from here, so there will be no need to hunt me down ;). And, as you visit me elsewhere on the www, you’ll also have the opportunity to explore and engage with new content and writers you may find you really enjoy, an opportunity to find even more support and guidance.