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Oh dear. May? Does that last post really say it was published at the beginning of May? Ugh. Nothing like a time stamp to make you feel like a slacker.

Alright then. Hi :).

It’s been awhile. And I’ve missed you all; I’ve missed sharing and connecting with you. Though it may have seemed as if I had just walked away and forgotten about all of this, I assure you, I did not.

May was a challenging month for me. There were quite a few things going on all at once, demanding tasks, transitions, and travel on top of day-to-day to-do’s, and I had anticipated that these things would distract me a bit from the blog. And then, as it often does, life threw me an even more demanding curveball, one that drained every last emotional and physical energy reserve I had left.

But this break was absolutely necessary.

So something had to give.

I’m a big proponent of practicing what I preach, and if you’ve spent any time here, you know how strongly I encourage and advocate for self-care. Taking care of oneself, physically and emotionally, is essential. It’s proactive, preventative, and restorative so that we can consistently engage the world and its countless obligations as the best versions of ourselves. And as I’ve implored you to do, I, too, make taking care of myself a priority.

The challenge with self-care, though, is that it takes time. Time, you may recall, is that elusive thing many of us find we never have enough of. And when life throws us curveballs and demands even more of us, it requires even more of this precious resource, making it even harder to set aside even a morsel of it for a little “self-care.”

But it is during these times that we need it most. If we want to make it through the storm alive, or at least not feeling like we’ve just been hit by a very large truck, we have to prioritize self-care as just as important as the tasks at hand.

So that’s what I did. I prioritized my responsibilities and obligations, setting aside all that I could so that, in the midst of the storm, I could read a book, cook healthy meals, talk with family and friends, get enough sleep and work out regularly. I actively treated and prevented physical and emotional exhaustion so I could show up in my life as the best version of myself.

I was reluctant to keep blogging off my to-do list because I enjoy it, but I knew that I did not have the cognitive and emotional resources that quality writing requires. And, I knew that, when the storm eventually passed, the blog would still be here, ready and waiting for me when I could give it the full attention it deserves.

So here I am. Not so much worse for the wear; I feel rested, energized, and eager to begin attending to those things that didn’t make the cut the last couple months. I can confidently say I don’t feel like I was hit by a truck, so I feel good chalking this up to a win. I’m looking forward to catching up on all the news, research, and conversations I missed out on in my absence and, most importantly, to re-engaging with you, the readers.

Happy Wednesday!

no work worry or fear quote

“No work, worry, or fear allowed on these grounds.
Within these limits dwell love, romance, faith, hope,
peace of mind and courage…”