DC Counseling & Therapy Services

There are times when we are all faced with challenges or difficulties to which we do not have all the answers.  We may wonder if there is something wrong with us, our marriage, or our kids because we can’t seem to just push through the challenges or difficulties we’re facing on our own.

That just isn’t true.

Therapy can help with challenges and issues that make life complicated and even difficult. Many of the issues and unhappiness that may ultimately split up a marriage or family can be prevented or repaired.  I am here to help. Accessing guidance and support from a safe, informed, and impartial source is not a sign of weakness, but is instead one of your greatest strengths, and the first step to finding the answers and solutions that are right for you.

I am here to help refresh and redirect you, your relationship, and your family with real and lasting results. I provide the scaffolding and support to help you learn, grow, and ultimately reach and maintain your goals. Building upon your unique strengths, I also incorporate new skills and tools to help you, your relationship, and your family communicate, problem solve, and manage day-to-day stressors more positively and effectively.  I utilize a variety of approaches to work with and help best meet you needs, rather than making you fit into any one approach.

In addition to in-office services in the DC metro area, I offer In-Home and Online/Phone services. Families enjoy the convenience and more hands-on attention of In-Home services. Some families with younger children or behavioral difficulties particularly appreciate the added benefit of making changes in the family’s home environment.

Therapy is best understood through experience. To learn more about the services available and determine which might be best for you, please visit my website or contact me with any questions or to schedule your free 30-minute consultation.


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